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As a b2b marketer, you have to reach out to the target audience and build your leads from them. You require to implement necessary steps to move your leads to be your sales prospects and then turn them to customers with effective persuasion.

Businesses aim to push their leads in b2b marketing from the top of the sales funnel, to bottom of the funnel where you convince the sales prospects to who are most likely to purchase your product.

We are presenting you 7 key b2b marketing ideas for the bottom of the sales funnel in this Whitepaper. It requires the right expertise and timing to generate, nurture and convert leads to your loyal customers. Here you will find:

·         What is sales funnel?

·         What is a marketing funnel?

·         7 Key b2b marketing ideas at the bottom of the sales funnel

·         How many steps does a sales funnel have in a b2b setting?


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